Marketing Services




Mydinet is mighty powerful online marketing support for hire.  We are online marketing professionals here to help on either hands on marketing projects or consulting. We are here to help businesses understand online marketing and help them reach their goals. We have the muscle to tackle your paid or organic traffic, social media campaigns, website development. 

Need to boost your traffic or revenue? We usually start by auditing your online business and review your marketing plan to find out where the strengths and wealkness may be. From our insight report we can tailor a plan to improve your goals and help clean up any problems that may prevent your website or business from reaching your goals. We focus our time and muscle on growing your sales and showing you how.

A successfull business online requires expertise in online marketing and a mixed short and long term marketing plan. There once was a time when all we had to do was put our effort into optimizing our website to reach the first page in search results. Organic traffic could be generated in large numbers if we just hired an SEO to do the work. Those days are mostly gone. Today we need to generate interest if we want to be found online and tell our customers and readers some pretty intersting stories about who we are and what we do. We can help you build and find your unique story online and help with a balanced plan to get it delivered.  We deliver more than great results we give you the coaching you need so you can continue meeting your long term marketing goals.




Having a great looking website isn’t enough to keep your business running if you don’t have the proper visibility when customers search for your services. Optimization is needed so you have search results for relevant traffic to your website that brings you business.

Social Media

Listening to your customers pays off when you delight, help, or respond to your audiences concerns through social media. We can help you grow your community and put the right listening tools in place. Use your social networks to create and build trust in your brand and keep customers comming back. Learn how social can give you useful feedback to make profitable improvements or bring you leads.

Conversion Optimization

Are your campaigns not quite hitting the conversion rate you were looking for? We test and optimize websites and campaigns to make improvements where they are needed. Customers respond to even the smallest changes in color, font size or content message. We tackle the areas that need a tune up, implement the changes and monitor the KPI data in user behaviors.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a type of marketing positioning your website to search engine browsers through research, paid traffic and organic traffic. We research your customers and create their personas to craft the right message in your search advertising campaigns that convert to your goals. Talk to us about paid ad campaigns, paid listings or other search services that increase traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

Good interesting content that keeps visitors reading and researching what they are looking for is the heart of good organic search results. Published content should ideally meet the needs of your readers and the goals of your SEO strategy. We can help you with SEO content planning and quality content development to help you improve your time on page/site, or social campaigns. Ask us about the many content services available.

Web Development

Need to upgrade your website or create a new one? We specialize in Drupal, WordPress and more. Our team develops the right onsite changes and design functions you need to sell your business. Our sites are mobile responsive, SEO friendly with the user in mind. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and next big idea on the web.