Content with focus on synonyms and search queries

Google is making enormous advances in language software to understand and learn patterns in human language and language translations. Their goal is to understand how to serve results that specifically match individual search queries based on the different meanings and expressional phrases a person can make. People are different, right? One expression can be said multiple ways. What does this mean? It means we need to answer questions around the keyword query and write content with multiple synonyms. Let’s take for example the word “Show” this word has multiple meanings.

4 Things to Know About Spam Filters

As marketers we really work hard at getting our message out there to our customers but our efforts are lost if our emails are not getting opened or read. Here are a few things to consider doing to get a higher open rate from your email campaigns. These small things are simple to do, yet people forget to do them all the time.

What is going on with SEO today?

Looking back 19 years when Google first released its browser, only a few people knew a bit about how Googles search algorithm worked. We knew how to use keywords and we could pretty much get a website on the first page of Google's search results. Some of us did things like, trick search crawlers by adding keywords with invisible text on a webpage so human visitors could not see the text but Google bots did. All the trickery called 'black hat seo' was a quick way to get on the first page. Growth hacking was the game. Today Google’s search algorithm is a about making sure a customer gets what he came for when he sees your webpage.

Here’s how to avoid hiring a bad freelancer

If you are a small business or start up you might have already run the mistake of hiring a bad freelancer.  When it comes time to prioritizing targets, creating marketing plans and project deliverables this is where we separate the professionals from the green horns.  Now days everyone is using popular freelancer outsource websites to hire a freelancer. These sites are easy to use and filled with eager individuals looking to take work at any price.