Thanks for being here, I'm Jen Stekkinger founder of Mydinet. Mydinet is an online marketing agency suited for small to mid size companies looking for an online marketing outsource.  Whether you have a single project or need someone to help you with your online marketing goals we are your marketing team. In my past 18 years of experience I have worked on projects with companies like Yamaha, Starbucks, Ricoh, Argos, Coleman/Sevylor, and LifeFitness. In my years in the field, I noticed that the only way to produce  results that improve metrics like traffic,sales, shares, and leads is to be on the edge of testing new ideas and constantly reinvesting in education and adapting. For newer companies this creates a challenge. To be a successfull business online, it requires people that never stop re-investing in education. While younger employess are bright and bring fresh ideas, they lack the knowledge of understanding the deepth of most marketplaces and often miss the target due to not understanding the larger picture. Finding the right employees to fill this challenge is costly.  I created MydiNet to help companies of all sizes get professional help with online marketing to fit any budget. With a slower moving economy businesses need to invest in a strategy to build their brand and promote a unique message online if they want to see their sales grow.  I look forward to talking to you on how we can improve your sales and give you a hand on your marketing projects .