Mydinet is an online marketing outsourcing company suited for small to mid size companies needing the extra marketing help.  Whether you have a single project or need someone to manage campaigns, or portions of your online business we can help. Im' Jen Stekkinger In my past 14 years of experience I have worked on projects with companies like Yamaha, Starbucks, Ricoh, Argos and Coleman/Sevylor.  Today I am excited to bring my successes to my clients. I created MydiNet to help companies of all sizes build their online sales and get help with their online marketing.  I noticed that with the slowing economy, customers behaviors have changed over the past years.  Consumers are smarter than ever today mainly because 71% of all consumers are using the internet to do their research before making purchasing decisions.  Meanwhile, many companies have had to reduce their staff in order to survive the slower economic times.  The problem is, now more than ever, businesses need to invest in a strategy to build their brand and promote a unique message online if they want to see their sales grow.  I look forward to talking to you on how we can improve your sales and give you a hand on your marketing projects .

- Jennifer Stekkinger Owner MydiNet